little forest boy


ok ok but hear me out………short haired ss zelda

me: i love roleplaying
me: roleplaying is so fun
me: this is a fun time
me: takes 90 years to reply


I might not even be on in the morning and honestly i can’t figure out how to make this look less sloppy and lazy so i’ll just post it now 

Happy Birthday Gege!!! You’re fuckin old :0… U wanted ganon crying and it’s pretty weird to get a picture of a crying child for your birthday but i don’t care i just don’t care

life is hard when you’re 9 years old, a king, and the reincarnate of hatred itself. i mean he doesn’t cry about it when he’s old and green but you know


please never stop drawing because someone is better !!
those people draw art because they love art and want to share it with people; they wouldn’t want you to quit either. look how far you’ve come from where you were!! improvement won’t always be noticeable, but keep going and work hard, i believe in you <33


Dildo Lord Gilgamesh ain’t assisting nobody.


i’m enjoying the game so far /o\



I kind of want to cover the scar in flowers but I’m not sure what type I would use if I did…

Also his mouth and eye are driving me crazy :I

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